COVID Protocols

COVID Protocols at Maintain Yourself PDX Massage

COVID Saftey Measures

At Maintain Yourself Massage, I take your safety and my own very seriously. Here’s my COVID protocols designed to make sure that my practice is as safe as possible. These have been updated to reflect the statewide mask mandate being lifted.


Masks will be optional. If you’d like your therapist to wear a mask, please don’t hesitate to ask.


If you feel under the weather and have any symptoms such as a cold, fever, congestion, etc. please reach out to me so we can reschedule. This helps keep me healthy and also gives your body the proper rest it needs to recover.


The room is equipped with a high quality HEPA air purifier and UV light designed to clean the air. The room will also have the windows open to ensure air flow and circulation.


All surfaces in the massage room are thoroughly cleaned with EPA approved disinfectants. This includes the massage table, door handles, client table, light switch, etc.