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Massage Packs Save You $$

Buying in bulk is a great way to save. My massages packages are no different. From $10 off on all 2 packs to $60 off on all 5 packs! And be on the look out for sales that include extra savings on top of the built in package discounts.

No Same Time Couples Massages

Since I am the only massage therapist here, I am unable to offer couples massages at the same time. I can, however, provide back to back appointments!

Diane Barker LMT# 20483 Maintain Yourself PDX MassageWelcome to Maintain Yourself PDX Massage

At Maintain Yourself PDX Massage, I believe everyone can benefit from massage. Your body works hard for you everyday. It makes sense to give it some maintenance from time to time. Just like we take care of our cars or homes, we must make it a priority to take care of our bodies as well.

Self-Care is Mandatory!

I use a variety of modalities in order to help achieve your massage goals, such as deep tissue, neuromuscular, trigger point, myofascial, Thai stretching, and more. No one’s body or needs are the same, therefore, I make it a point to make sure your massage session is tailored to what you need. No cookie cutter massages here.

Check out my specializations and services and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

-Diane Barker


Chronic pain and neuromuscular Massages at Maintain Yourself PDX Massage.

Chronic Pain
Neuromuscular Therapy

Migraine and TMJD Treatment Massages at Maintain Yourself PDX Massage

Migraine Treatment
TMJD & Jaw Pain

High Anxiety Stress Relief Massages at Maintain Yourself PDX Massage

High Anxiety Stress Relief

About Diane Barker, Owner of Maintain Yourself PDX Massage

I’ve been a massage therapist for seven years. Before that, I was a graphic designer and spent all my time behind a desk. I KNOW how it feels when that back goes out and what those long hours at a desk can do to a body.

For me, massage was constantly in my life. My father was in the military so I’d massage his feet after a long day on the flight line. I was always the one to grab a friend’s shoulders and help ease tension even before I was a trained LMT. Massage is something that I’ve always had a passion for. I just didn’t realize that it could be a career choice until much later in life. Now seven years later, I can honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.